Welcome to 2BGreen, where innovation meets sustainability!

We are a leading recycling company dedicated to transforming waste into high-quality, eco-friendly plastics and other recycled products. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our unique process, where we utilize proprietary techniques and formulations to separate, divert and transform a diverse mix of plastics, paper fiber and metals into recycled plastics and other reclaimed materials.

Our Process

At the heart of our operation lies a carefully guarded proprietary process that optimizes the recycling of industrial waste streams. While the intricacies of our method remain confidential, we can share the essential steps that set us apart.

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Separated Materials After Processing

High Density Polyethylene – HDPE

Polyethylene terephthalate – PET

Paper Fiber

Metal – Aluminum

Meet the Founders

Meet the visionaries behind 2BGreen, Paul A. Grillo and Eddie Lewis, whose combined expertise and passion for sustainability have shaped the essence of our company.

Paul A. Grillo

Paul A. Grillo is a seasoned professional with a rich history of entrepreneurial endeavors. As the Founder of BioGreen360, he pioneered the manufacturing and distribution of commercial food waste digesters, leading the charge in diverting food waste from landfills to create high-nutrient fertilizers. His process development highlights include innovative microbial formulations and a patent-pending process featuring cutting-edge electromechanical elements and microwave-based drying systems.

In addition to his role at 2BGreen, Paul is a Co-Founder of Prescient Worldwide, a national reseller of telecommunications and billing services. His extensive experience also extends to founding P.A. Grillo Associates, providing consultative guidance in financing, marketing, operational management, initial public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. As a Co-Founder of Trident Properties, a New England-based real estate development company, Paul’s multifaceted expertise is a driving force behind our commitment to excellence.

With a background that includes Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co Management Advisory Services and Audit, Paul A. Grillo brings a wealth of knowledge to the leadership of 2BGreen.

Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis, a Co-Founder at 2BGreen, brings over 52 years of unparalleled experience in the plastic industry. His journey in polymer process manufacturing began as a lab technician and evolved into managerial roles overseeing entire plants in the USA and the Middle East.

Eddie has managed logistics and distribution for a major manufacturing facility, covering regions such as the Middle East, Asia, China, Europe, and Australia. Serving as the Plant Manager for Chevron Phillips Chemical Company in the Middle East, he played a pivotal role in the start-up of five manufacturing facilities and later managed two of them. Eddie’s leadership has been instrumental in the development of new polymers, significantly reducing off-spec production by over 50%.

Beyond his impressive career, Eddie Lewis has been actively involved in recycling plastic since the early ‘80s. His dedication to sustainability is evident through his service on a state recycling board in Texas during the 1980s. As a key member of the 2Bgreen team, Eddie’s extensive knowledge and commitment to sustainable practices drive our mission to redefine possibilities in recycled plastics.